Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts and Literature Level One

I'm planning on trying The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts curriculum, starting a couple of months from now when my six year old starts doing first grade work. I already had plenty of ink, so I decided to print up the course for "free."

My favorite curriculum for first grade and up is the tried and true A.C.E., but I do occasionally mix things up and try another curriculum for a subject or two. I'm planning to pair The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts with A.C.E. Math and whichever other A.C.E. subject(s) I decide to order. I think this new curriculum will work well with my three-ring binder system since I can just keep a few pages of it at a time in my son's binder along with his A.C.E. PACES.

Like I said, I mainly use PACES, but I like the fact that The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is somewhat advanced since my son is already reading pretty well for his age. Plus I won't have to come up with as much money when it's time to order his PACES.

Below is a video where I do a "flip through" of The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts and Literature Level One--in case you haven't already seen it on my YouTube channel.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Friday, November 17, 2017

Review of the Good and the Beautiful Level K Primer

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The above video is a curriculum review done by my sister, Lisa, of a minimalist, KJV-based curriculum called the Good and the Beautiful. Lisa is using this book for her 3 year old, and he loves it. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to “like” and “subscribe.” 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

My YouTube "Vlog"

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Christian Book Discount Code! (A.C.E. PACES)

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Friday, September 29, 2017

A.C.E. Curriculum Review: Science PACES

5th Grade Science PACE sample

Even though it’s not my favorite subject in general, my favorite A.C.E. subject is science. I love the emphasis on Creation, and my kids really enjoy working in the Science PACEs. Even if you aren’t doing all A.C.E., I highly recommend their science curriculum.

I have a fifth grader this year, and so far, there has been a science project in every PACE! This is great since my son loves hands-on activities. When I think back to my time in A.C.E. schools, I don’t remember doing many projects. I don’t know if there were less projects in the PACES back then, or if we just skipped them since it says, “Project to do at Home.” People who had bad experiences in A.C.E. schools need to realize that students get more out of the curriculum at home.

My older kids used to ask to skip the projects, buy my current students love them so we take the projects very seriously--even running to Walmart the same day for any supplies we don’t have. Most of the materials needed are regular household items, and whatever we need to buy only costs a couple of bucks.

Projects are found in other A.C.E. subjects, too, for example, my third grader recently made lemonade to reinforce a math lesson about liquid measurements, and my fifth grader made a tee-pee in Social Studies. With this new batch of kids, the projects are definitely a hit.

The A.C.E. Science Curriculum
needs no supplementation; however, I do purchase visual aids from Abeka. My fifth grader loves his bug cards, which he has been enjoying for a couple of years now. Other ways my children learn science are caring for a variety of pets and helping my husband with his annual vegetable garden. We don’t have a garden this year since we moved late in the season, but the kids have several bean plants going in the kitchen, and I’m growing a pineapple.

Pinto Bean Plants 

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