Stevia Worse than Aspartame

I baked a batch of oatmeal walnut cookies tonight, substituting the sugar with "Stevia in the Raw." I used white whole wheat flour which I often bake with, and I used low sugar craisins in place of the usual chocolate chips. Here's a pic of some of the ingredients...

The cookies did not spread out during baking like they normally would...

I tasted one, and it was good at first...
But then that diet aftertaste hit me. The diabetic I made them for also hated them.

Here's a picture of the cookies I made with normal white and brown sugar...

We are throwing the rest of the stevia dough away. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles.



  1. I bought reduced sugar craisins assuming they just had less sugar... but they add an artificial sweetener to compensate, yuck! :/ I agree that while it is natural, stevia has that same diet aftertaste i can't stand.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I didn't catch that when I bought the craisins. :/


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