Leveled Chore Chart for Kids

I always enjoy reading posts about how other moms assign chores, so I thought I'd share what we are currently doing at our house. I have four children still living at home, three of which are school-age and homeschooled. With five of us home during the day, there's a substantial amount of housework. I had been feeling like I do too much of the work myself, and I had gotten into the rut of having the same people help with the same jobs every time. So I decided to implement a new system...

With the latest chore chart, each child is assigned a level based on his or her age. My six year old and four year old are "Level One" workers, and my nine year old and thirteen year old are "Level Twos." Level one chores are of course easier than level two chores and are geared toward younger kids. There are two groups of chores for each level but no name assigned to each group. Instead, each grouping has a job title that can be assigned to either of the kids who are at that particular level. I can change each child's job title from time to time, and everyone will gain more experience by completing different duties. Another benefit is that no one will feel like he or she is getting penalized for being good at a particular task like sweeping floors.

Some of the weekly chores at the bottom are for the adults or are done on the weekend. I mainly included the "Expert/Weekly" section to remind myself of what needs to be done every week. I didn't include cleaning the office as one of the assignable duties, since I might be in there working on a writing assignment during the kids' chore time, and I won't want to be disturbed. They are quietly working on their chores right now as I am writing this post.

Here's what our chart looks like:



Level 1: Organizer
Make bed/Clean bedroom
Pick up living room and hall
Pick up kitchen floor
Straighten kids' bathroom
Organize book shelf
Level 2: Surface Detailer
Make bed/Clean bedroom
Sweep tile areas
Vacuum carpets
Sweep bathrooms
Spot clean carpet or tile areas if needed
Level 1: Cleaner
Make bed/Clean bedroom
Wipe Down tables
Help water outdoor plants
Sweep bark off of walkways
Level 2: Washer
Make bed/Clean bedroom
Empty and reload dishwasher
Clean kitchen 
Do one or two loads of laundry
Make lunch
Weekly/Expert Level
Clean bathrooms
Wash bedding
Water indoor plants
Mow lawns
Pull weeds
Clean out refrigerator
Deep clean kitchen
Clean laundry room
Clean out car

I would love to hear from readers: What kind of chore system works best for your family?


  1. At the moment, my chore chart only has one column. It's called "Do it all yourself!" :) we only have one 1 year old baby, so i can't count on little helpers yet, but i am definitely looking forward on getting a routine going: i'm obsessed with schedules and plans. Thank you for sharing your ideas :) i love it!

  2. Haha! Love it! I remember those days.


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