Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Download an mp3 file on a Samsung Galaxy S4

When I first got my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S4, I downloaded some mp3s from a website but then later forgot how I did it. When I did a search for "how to download mp3s from a website on my Android" or "on my Samsung Galaxy S4," all I could find was advice to download apps to search for music.

Not every mp3 is a popular song you can find on a music app or even a song at all. Sometimes an mp3 is simply a link on a website for a ringtone or other audio file. In my case, it was a recording that a personal friend had made for me. I didn't want to "stream" it when I was away from home and use too much data on my smart phone plan so downloading the file was a must. There was a podcast on iTunes available, but my phone is an Android.

Everything I read made it sound like you couldn't download an mp3 file directly from a website. I finally figured out how to do it so I decided to write a quick post which might be of help to someone else with the same dilemma. It's actually quite simple...

Here's how:

1. Click on the little world icon on your phone to access the browser that came with your phone.

Notice the world icon on the upper left

2. Go to the website with the mp3 link. I am assuming you know how to find a website which is how you found the mp3 you wanted.

3. "Click" on the link by touching your screen, and you should see two options: One for an audio player (to stream the file) and one called "downloads." If you accidentally "long click" and get a menu, select "open in new window." You should then see the two icons.

4. Click on "downloads." The download icon on my phone was black with a green arrow on it and said, you guessed it, "downloads!"

5. Once the mp3 file finishes, you can access it and listen to it by clicking on the downloads icon on your phone's desktop.

Example download icons.

I know this sounds ridiculously easy, but I had recently switched to a Firefox browser on my phone, and had been using that instead of the default browser. When I did try it using the correct browser, I was "long clicking," and then selecting the wrong option. I'm no "techie," folks, but I am so glad I finally figured out how to download mp3s from websites on my smart phone.

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