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Download an mp3 file on a Samsung Galaxy S4

When I first got my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, I downloaded some mp3s from a website and forgot how I did it. When I did a search for "how to download mp3s from a website on my Android" or "on my Samsung Galaxy S4," all I could find was advice to download apps to search for music. Not every mp3 is a popular song you can find on a music app or even a song at all. Sometimes an mp3 is simply a link on a website for a ringtone or other audio file. In my case, it was a recording that a personal friend had made for me. I didn't want to "stream" it when I was away from home and use too much data on my smartphone plan, so downloading the file was a must. There was a podcast on iTunes available, but my phone is an Android. Everything I read made it sound like you couldn't download an mp3 file directly from a website. I finally figured out how to do it, so I decided to write a quick post that might help someone else with the same dilemma. It's