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Practical Tips for Working From Home When You're a Mom

Photo by  Brian Wangenheim  on  Unsplash Perhaps you work from home because you want to, or maybe you've started telecommuting due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Either way, working at home while you're still raising kids can be challenging. As a remote worker with kids, I've learned to overcome the challenges of working in a houseful of people.  Read on for a definitive guide on how to be productive while working from home as a busy mom. I'll provide you with examples from my own experience as well as several actionable steps you can take today to make your dream of successfully juggling kids and a career a reality. What I Do from Home If you've been following me for a while, you may remember that I started writing for content companies back in 2016, but since I was still learning the ropes, I didn't make much money. Because of the low pay, I reduced my writing down to an occasional hobby, but I got more serious about it this year when I was offered higher-paying wo

Spanish Rice in the Instant Pot

Need an idea for a side dish tonight? Try this easy recipe for Spanish rice in the Instant Pot! Be sure to subscribe to my channel:

Review of Writing for Blogmutt

Ghostwriter Lol! Lately, I'm thrilled with the way things are going with my writing. Blogmutt, the content company I write for, recently sent out an e-mail saying they've had an influx of new customers over the last few weeks, so there is plenty of work to go around. They aren't kidding! It has gotten so much easier to find easy writing assignments to do that I can find something to write virtually any time. I highly recommend them and plan to continue to write for them even though I also have a direct client that keeps me pretty busy. The Pay Blogmutt pays eight dollars for a 250-word post, so on those posts, you can make 3.2 cents per word. If a client directly requests you, you can make ten percent more and write posts revolving around the same subject for a while. Not only that but once you get enough points from writing and selling posts, you can unlock longer assignments on better subjects, presumably because there is less competition at those higher level

2 Crockpots in Every Kitchen: Tips for Serious Slow Cookers

One thing you need to know about me is that I tend to go all out on things. When the weather changes, I get on a crockpot kick. I don't mean I just make stew or chili one day to kick off the fall season--I mean, I start trying to figure out a way to make breakfast, dinner, and dessert in the crockpot. Right now, I'm in one of those phases. That said, I've learned from years of crockery-cooking experience that there are some things that, in my opinion, just aren't as good in the crockpot. I prefer to cook certain dishes, including meatloaf and spaghetti, the old-fashioned way, but many other things are great in the crockpot. Although I've been slow-cooking since I was a newlywed, I've made very few desserts, so I am excited about experimenting in that area this crockpot season. As I am writing this, I have a peach upside-down cake going in--you guessed it--the crockpot. I'm not sure how it will look, but I have high hopes that it will be edible enough t

Ghost Writing and Time Management in the Summer

Photo by  J. Kelly Brito  on  Unsplash I haven't posted in a while since I've been busy writing for a new client. Yes, that's right, I now have someone I write for directly, so I'm making more money. The person who hired me followed my blog in the past, so it does pay off to have a personal blog. Writing in the Morning Works Best For Me Cutting out the middleman is definitely the way to go, but I am still struggling a little bit with time management since my husband's schedule has been inconsistent, and there has been a lot going on in our lives this summer. Hopefully, our family will have a more predictable routine soon, and now that I'm getting over this cold, I should be able to do more writing at my most productive time of day, which is early in the morning. Writing for Blogmutt The Blogmutt articles that I wrote a few weeks ago are starting to sell one by one, so it's nice to have those eight dollar payouts finally trickling in. With content sites l

Top 3 Content Sites for Working from Home

As promised, I am posting this update on my recent adventures in writing for content sites. I've done extensive online research and applied at several different websites, but I will only be reviewing the companies that have worked out for me. I've done the hard work for you by narrowing the list down to just these three: Article Document I haven't made much money yet writing for Article Document , but I really like it. I have written ten articles for them, and they included my "byline," which means my name has been published with each article. This allows me to have some writing samples to show prospective clients. The editors at Article Document are very nice, and I learned a new rule about using hyphens from their constructive feedback. I do not consider them a "mill" because they are so different from other content sites. Article Document seems like it would be better for your career in the long run since it's not strictly for ghostw