Ghost Writing and Time Management in the Summer

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I haven't posted in a while since I've been busy writing for a new client. Yes, that's right, I now have someone I write for directly, so I'm making more money. The person who hired me followed my blog in the past, so it does pay off to have a personal blog.

Writing in the Morning Works Best For Me

Cutting out the middleman is definitely the way to go, but I am still struggling a little bit with time management since my husband's schedule has been inconsistent, and there has been a lot going on in our lives this summer. Hopefully, our family will have a more predictable routine soon, and now that I'm getting over this cold, I should be able to do more writing at my most productive time of day, which is early in the morning.

Writing for Blogmutt

The Blogmutt articles that I wrote a few weeks ago are starting to sell one by one, so it's nice to have those eight dollar payouts finally trickling in. With content sites like Blogmutt and Textbroker, it's always challenging to find articles to write since everyone grabs up the easier jobs first. That's the name of the game, though. You've got to go for that low-hanging fruit, meaning the articles that won't take a lot of research.

Writing for Textbroker

As I've mentioned before, Textbroker doesn't pay much per word, and lately, when I've popped onto Blogmutt, I haven't had any luck finding an article to write. That said, I will keep checking because I'm hoping to write just enough to keep my accounts open with both of those companies.

Writing for a Direct Client

The great thing about being an exclusive writer for a direct client is not having to compete with other writers for fun/easy subjects to write about. Not only that, but I'm writing meaningful posts, which help support a cause I believe in. I get paid more per article now, and as always, the more I write, the more I make--so I really want to become more productive. We all get the same 24 hours in a day and have to somehow fit everything in. I have a whole crew to delegate stuff to, and I have all the right tools, including a crock-pot, a bread machine, and a shallow pool for keeping the kids entertained.

Some of the things that I feel are holding me back right now--other than being a little busier than usual--are writer's block and a distractible personality. With eight or nine of us in the house at times, there's a lot to do, so getting up before everyone else is an absolute must.

Challenge accepted.

"After all, tomorrow is another day."


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