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Jogging for 30 Minutes Straight!

Those of you that follow my blog regularly know that I have been jogging for the last few months. My new personal record for the longest time jogging without any walking breaks is 30 minutes which was one of my goals! I was jogging at a very slow pace of 15 and a half minute miles, but it was still a major accomplishment for me to hit 30 minutes. When I run just one mile, I do it in about 13 and a half minutes. I am still working on the goal of running a 5K and then maybe even eventually running it in 30 minutes. I am also going on a lot of long walks. It feels great to walk three and a half miles or so the day after a hard run. Brisk walking burns a lot of calories and is so relaxing. It also counts when I walk around the mall for a couple of hours. :-) My husband just bought me some good quality shoes to run in. I am very picky about athletic shoes since most of them make me feel claustrophobic. I don't like shoes that feel constricting on the top of my feet. Those kind of sh