Jogging for 30 Minutes Straight!

Those of you that follow my blog regularly know that I have been jogging for the last few months. My new personal record for the longest time jogging without any walking breaks is 30 minutes which was one of my goals! I was jogging at a very slow pace of 15 and a half minute miles, but it was still a major accomplishment for me to hit 30 minutes. When I run just one mile, I do it in about 13 and a half minutes. I am still working on the goal of running a 5K and then maybe even eventually running it in 30 minutes.

I am also going on a lot of long walks. It feels great to walk three and a half miles or so the day after a hard run. Brisk walking burns a lot of calories and is so relaxing. It also counts when I walk around the mall for a couple of hours. :-)

My husband just bought me some good quality shoes to run in. I am very picky about athletic shoes since most of them make me feel claustrophobic. I don't like shoes that feel constricting on the top of my feet. Those kind of shoes look big and clunky to me, anyway. After trying on numerous brands and styles, I went with these: Sketchers Go Walk 2 Deluxe...

My new Sketchers

Yep, Someone else got new shoes, too.

My Sketchers are extremely lightweight and have the same minimalist style flexible soles as my old Danskin Now shoes that I am used to running in. Everyone is different, but I prefer lightweight shoes with very flexible soles. No, I don't want to wear those "barefoot style" shoes with toes, but I do want to maintain a natural form while running. I feel that my shoes are the perfect balance in that they are flexible yet have enough of a sole to lesson the impact on my joints. Some people with foot problems might need extra cushioning, but for the rest of us, too much padding under the heel can encourage "heel striking." Be sure to wear shoes that you are comfortable running in, even if they have the word "walk" in the name.

My husband also bought himself some good running shoes and said he would start running with me. I'm so excited! I wonder if I will run faster or longer with him running alongside...

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