Review of Writing for Blogmutt

Ghostwriter Lol!

Lately, I'm thrilled with the way things are going with my writing. Blogmutt, the content company I write for, recently sent out an e-mail saying they've had an influx of new customers over the last few weeks, so there is plenty of work to go around. They aren't kidding! It has gotten so much easier to find easy writing assignments to do that I can find something to write virtually any time. I highly recommend them and plan to continue to write for them even though I also have a direct client that keeps me pretty busy.

The Pay

Blogmutt pays eight dollars for a 250-word post, so on those posts, you can make 3.2 cents per word. If a client directly requests you, you can make ten percent more and write posts revolving around the same subject for a while. Not only that but once you get enough points from writing and selling posts, you can unlock longer assignments on better subjects, presumably because there is less competition at those higher levels.

A Minor Technical Difficulty

The only problem I'm having with my Blogmutt account right now is that I can't get my picture uploaded onto my profile. You have to do it through your WordPress account, and I uploaded the pic on WordPress, but it's not showing up on Blogmutt. I guess I could e-mail them about it. Sometimes I hate the more technical aspects of working on a computer, but the actual writing is very gratifying.

The Motivation

It's a challenge writing with a houseful of kids while keeping up on everything else, but lately, I've settled into a nice routine. It helps that my husband and I have a new financial goal of purchasing a used motorhome one day. 

With that in mind, it's time for me to get back to work...

Edited to add: Blogmutt changed its name to Verblio a few years back, but I have found higher-paying content companies, so I'm no longer writing for Verblio.


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