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Review of the Good and the Beautiful Level K Primer

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The above video is a curriculum review done by my sister, Lisa, of a minimalist, KJV-based curriculum called the Good and the Beautiful. Lisa is using this book for her 3 year old, and he loves it. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to “like” and “subscribe.” 

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I haven't been blogging much lately, but I HAVE been "vlogging." I'll be doing some more writing on here soon, but in the meantime, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch up on what I've been doing. Check out one of my latest videos below where I review the phonics curriculum, Explode the Code:

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A.C.E. Curriculum Review: Science PACES

Even though it’s not my favorite subject in general, my favorite A.C.E. subject is science. I love the emphasis on Creation, and my kids really enjoy working in the Science PACEs. Even if you aren’t doing all A.C.E., I highly recommend their science curriculum.
I have a fifth grader this year, and so far, there has been a science project in every PACE! This is great since my son loves hands-on activities. When I think back to my time in A.C.E. schools, I don’t remember doing many projects. I don’t know if there were less projects in the PACES back then, or if we just skipped them since it says, “Project to do at Home.” People who had bad experiences in A.C.E. schools need to realize that students get more out of the curriculum at home.
My older kids used to ask to skip the projects, buy my current students love them so we take the projects very seriously--even running to Walmart the same day for any supplies we don’t have. Most of the materials needed are regular household items, and wh…

[Video] A.C.E. Grade Levels and PACE numbers explained

In this video I explain how to calculate the grade level of an A.C.E. PACE...

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A.C.E. Curriculum Review: Social Studies PACES and Supplementation Ideas

ACE Social Studies is great and is a true social studies course in that it covers a lot more than just history and geography. The best thing about the social studies PACES is that they instill a biblical perspective. I love how there is so much Bible in the PACES and how timelines are used to demonstrate where biblical accounts correspond with other events in ancient history.
The curriculum starts out a little light when first and second graders are mainly just getting reading practice. It picks up in third grade and touches on a wide variety of topics each year. In addition to the typical history and geography, A.C.E. goes pretty deep into Christian subjects such as church history and missions. Overall, A.C.E. provides a well-rounded sampling of information, which is probably more important than alternatively drilling the most well known facts of U.S. and world history year after year.

That said, I like to supplement the PACES with a few other materials during the younger grades. Peop…

Why I Love A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Curriculum

I was in A.C.E. schools for eight years from 2nd through 9th grade so I am essentially a product of A.C.E. I got a good education that prepared me for college and other various pursuits so when I decided to start homeschooling my oldest two kids over 11 years ago, A.C.E. was the obvious choice.
A.C.E. is not the latest trend in homeschooling, but it is by far the easiest program to implement. There is no lesson planning, and the A.C.E. workbooks, called “PACES” are designed in such a way that most of the work is done independently. Since each subject is broken down into 12 PACES (workbooks) per subject per year, three weeks of schoolwork fits easily into a one and a half inch binder. This makes the curriculum extremely portable.

Another great thing about homeschooling with A.C.E. is that you don’t have to purchase an entire year’s worth of curriculum at once. PACES and “score keys” can be purchased individually if need be, which allows for a low start-up cost. Also, the curriculum is…

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