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My Nail Care Regimen with Color Street

I was so excited to find out about Color Street nail polish strips that I started selling them in July! I've recently settled into what I think is the ideal nail care routine for using Color Street so I thought I would share.


Color Street comes off with regular nail polish remover, and I remove the strips at night. Mineral Fusion is a brand that is gentler on your nails, but any remover will work.

Cuticle oil / Going Naked

After removing your polish, wash your hands and slather your nails and cuticles with oil before going to bed. File them gently, and push the cuticles back.  “Going naked” allows your nails to breathe but can sometimes make them more vulnerable so it’s best to go naked at night.

Strengthening Basecoat

In the morning, apply a coat of nail strengthener. This helps prevent breakage and can also help your manicure last longer. I use Original Nail Envy nail strengthener by O.P.I., and I allow it to cure for several hours before applying my nail strips. This wait…