Coffee Station in Dining Room

I recently set up a "coffee station" in the dining room. Having it in there saves precious counter space in my kitchen, and I think it looks welcoming to guests since my dining room is visible from the front door. Be prepared to be offered coffee!

I set up our Keurig beverage system and also our espresso machine on a dresser beside the dining room table. There are drawers and a cabinet underneath for storing coffee accessories including our extensive collection of various k-cups. Don't drink coffee? Have no fear--we also have tea, hot cocoa, and lemonade.

I read somewhere that buffet tables or sideboards used to be much more common in dining rooms in times past when families were larger and they needed more space for serving dishes. I will probably also use the extra surface area for that at Thanksgiving and Christmas when all of my kids are home and there are lots of side dishes, but we are mainly using it as a home coffee bar, and we love it!


The Keurig is super fast and easy to use. Some of my favorite k-cups are donut shop, breakfast blend, and chai tea latte. I'm also working on perfecting my barista skills with the slightly more complicated espresso maker. Cappuccino anyone?


  1. I'm not big on coffee but I love chai tea and I would try some decaf ;)

  2. Thanks Leslye! Now I'll know what to have on hand in a few weeks! :)


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