How to Get Motivated to Keep up on Housework When you Have a Large Family

With a large family, dishes and laundry are a much bigger deal, making it easy to become overwhelmed. If you need to do a load of laundry every day and run your dishwasher twice a day on top of everything else, then you might be a mom with several children. The following tips will help you crawl out of that rut when your house is out of control.

When You Know How to Clean But Lack Motivation

It's not that you don't know how to clean your home--you probably just lack the motivation. Because keeping house is a never-ending job, it can seem futile trying to clean a house full of people--especially when some of those people are small children that are unable to do much to help. It probably won't take as long as you think to get everything done--you just have a mental block.

Keep Those Machines Running

Think of your home as a factory. The dishwasher, washer, and dryer are machines that need to be running much of the time, and children, like employees, need supervision. By keeping up on dishes and laundry, you can keep your home functioning properly, and you'll feel like you have more time to enjoy your children and to get to those deeper cleaning chores.

Get Started on the Right Foot

Get up and get dressed and groomed for the day. This can be a casual low-maintenance look but do enough so that you would feel presentable enough to answer the door. (Do this every morning whether you are going anywhere or not.) Next, have breakfast or maybe a cup of coffee and start those machines! Take out the trash and run the garbage disposal to take care of any unpleasant odors. Now that the dishwasher is running and the trash has been dealt with, finish cleaning the kitchen. Listening to music or a podcast can make the time go by faster, and the cleaning will seem effortless.

Work Alongside Your Crew

If you have children who are just old enough to help, have them pick up the house as you walk along beside them, telling them where things go. Involving them will make the cleaning feel more social and less mundane. Small children enjoy wiping down surfaces with a damp rag, and they just might get that sticky kitchen table a little cleaner in the process. Expect a lot more from the older ones, of course.

Prioritize by Starting With the Most Visible Areas

When straightening up the house, always start with those visible areas to help you build momentum. You will feel less overwhelmed knowing that your living room and entry areas are clear of clutter, and your guest bathroom is equipped with toilet paper and a hand towel. And you're presentable, too now, remember? Switch the laundry to the dryer, and before you know it, you'll be tackling the more daunting cleaning projects.

Don’t Stop, Just Switch Gears

If you get tired of cleaning, sitting down to fold laundry can be a break of sorts. Have the kids come to pick up their folded piles and put them away. If you have children of various ages, the older ones can supervise the younger ones to make sure the clothing makes it to where it goes. Everyone having plenty of clothing in their closets and drawers is a major advantage in a large family since getting out of the house can be challenging when little people can't get themselves dressed.

Reward yourself and your helpers by doing something fun together after the house is clean. By keeping up on your housework and involving the entire family, you are teaching your children good habits so that maybe someday getting motivated to do housework won't be a struggle for them.


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