Keeping Young Children Busy during Church or Sports Practice

To keep little people busy away from home, I keep certain items in the back of my car. These are different items than whatever toys they might bring along to play with while riding in the car. The special items in the back are activities to keep them busy at certain destinations. We keep this stuff in the car for a few reasons:

1. Since they don't play with them anywhere else, they are excited to get them out. Novelty is key sometimes when keeping kids entertained.

2. I like to get out of the house quickly without having to pack much.

3. I'd rather not have to hand over my cell phone or an ink pen to a toddler out of desperation. 

When we arrive at church, I grab these quiet toys from the back of the car and put them in my purse to pull out one by one when my toddler gets bored. He usually doesn't need them until about 45 minutes into the service so he is gradually learning to sit still and listen for longer periods...

While we are watching "Spider Man" do karate, my girls keep busy with giant coloring pages and markers. I just bought some new coloring supplies today. Hello Kitty is always a favorite...

These few items don't take up a lot of space so I still have plenty of room for groceries and a stroller. The toddler toys especially are almost as important as the diapers, wipes, and change of clothes that I like to keep somewhere in the vehicle at all times. A little bit of preparedness can make leaving the house with several children virtually stress free. Don't forget to change up the items from time to time to keep things interesting.


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