Saving Money on Groceries: Hispanic Stores

One way that we save money on groceries is by doing some of our shopping at Mexican grocery stores. I don't mean those small, storefront taquerias, though. Those have their purpose, too-- like when we want their specially seasoned fajita meat or jerky or just a place to practice speaking Spanish. No, I'm talking about the full-sized supermercados where you can not only buy Mexican foods but also your favorite brands of cereal, spaghetti sauce, and ice cream. A couple of the stores like this that we have here in Fort Worth are "Fiesta" and "Carnival."

Some of the items we get for low prices at these stores are tortillas, rice, and beans. Cheese and other fresh staple items also cost substantially less at these places. There is always a large selection of interesting produce, and there are usually inexpensive steaks, as well as hamburger meat and chicken, which really saves us a bundle. A lot of the fun, imported hot sauces are only a few cents a bottle.

When we go to these stores, we basically buy two weeks' worth of groceries. They pretty much have everything we normally use, including preservative-free bread and all-natural peanut butter. The only item I was disappointed about not being able to buy there this last time was lunch meat since the store we went to does not yet carry nitrate-free cold cuts. I don't think they have real maple syrup or anything organic, either, but those few items can always be picked up somewhere else on another trip.

We like to start out with lunch at the in-store restaurant when we shop at "Carnival" in Northwest Fort Worth...

my lunch: bean and cheese burrito with fresh pico de gallo

my hubby's lunch: menudo

Saving Money on Seasonings: Even if you don't live near an ethnic grocery store, you can often find many common seasonings in those little bags located on the Hispanic aisle in most stores. Onion powder, garlic powder, and cinnamon are just a few examples. Simply refill the seasoning jars you already have at home with the contents of these affordable little bags... 

saving money buying seasonings in bags from ethnic aisle
curry powder and chili powder

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