How I'm Making Money from Home as a Freelance Writer


I haven't blogged in a while since I've been pursuing other hobbies lately--not to mention our recent major move back to our home state, but I'm back to writing again, and I'm praying that this time I'll be able to make a decent living at it. So I'm back to posting on this blog, which will be a place to discuss my writing adventures mixed in with the usual fun household stuff I like to write about. 

I'm Writing for a Content Mill

It has taken me several days of applying at various websites to figure out what pays and what doesn't, but I am now officially working from home as a freelance writer!  So far, I have found one "content mill" that had a pretty straightforward registration process and seems to have plenty of work. I won't post the company's name here because I don't need any competition at this point, but I may give out the information in the future if I am able to secure a better paying gig.

I'm Making Money, But Not a Lot

Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

I've submitted five small projects over the last couple of days, which will pay just over $30. I'm hoping to get faster at researching topics and pounding out articles since my goal is to make $20 per hour. Right now, I'm averaging only $5 or $6 per hour while I'm getting the hang of it, but I can't complain since I'm at home with my kids and setting my own schedule.

My Sweet Spot as a Writer

The jobs that I've selected so far have varied in word count, but I'm finding out my ideal assignment is a quick 400-word piece with an introduction, a few subtopics, and a conclusion. If I'm even mildly interested in the topic, that makes it that much easier.

It's All in the Editing

The fun and time-consuming part of writing online content isn't the part where I quickly type up a bunch of information. The art isn't so much in what I write--it's in what I cut out. I like to think of writing as chiseling away at a large rock and watching it become a sculpture.

Ghost Blogging

Now you might be wondering what a content mill is. Some website owners or bloggers lack the time or ability to write their own content. Several websites enable these folks to buy the work of others and pass it off as their own. 

Think of me as a ghostwriter for websites.


  1. Cool gig! Not easy to find a legit gig that allows you to stay home with your minis. Rock on!


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